Artificial intelligence (AI) has been one of the most technological advancements in recent years. While the concept of AI can seem futuristic to many, businesses today have been utilizing and leveraging it to their advantage. From small businesses to major corporations, companies have embraced the digital age and are constantly looking for ways they can use it to optimize their operations. With the help of AI, businesses can efficiently manage their products and services while also being proactive with customer data.

Customer Service

One of the more significant advantages of using AI is improving customer service, data, and relations. Not only is this option more affordable by saving on employee costs, but AI can also maximize availability to customers. When a business’s website or app has AI-powered software or plug-ins available such as chatbots, it offers customers 24/7 service, allowing an unlimited opportunity for customer engagement. 

Chatbots are capable of performing many tasks and can assist in troubleshooting issues and starting conversations with current and potential customers. When the problems become a bit more complex and require human interaction, the chatbox can connect the customer with someone that can help. Other customer service situations AI can help with are streamlining the payment processes and bettering customer delivery experiences.

Hiring Processes

Beyond customer service, AI can also assist a business internally. Businesses can sometimes be delivered hundreds or even thousands of resumes when a position opens. It’s nearly impossible for a person to go through each one efficiently, which is why businesses have been utilizing AI in their hiring process. AI reduces the time spent on screening resumes, allowing HR to focus on candidates most suited for the position.

AI hiring systems are also unbiased, leaving more opportunities for potential candidates. While resume screening is the most popular use of AI for hiring processes, it can be used for more. It can also be used for the interview process, communicating with applicants, referral information, and analyzing performance tasks.

Competitive Intelligence Analysis

Businesses are continually looking for a better competitive edge and how to up their industry competitors. AI can be used to analyze digital information their competitors produce quickly and efficiently. AI can take the competitor’s written and video content as well as their social media posts and ​​distill it into easy-to-read reports. The detailed information AI collets can be analyzed and reviewed faster, allowing a business to respond more quickly to any industry changes.