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With rapidly ever-changing technological advancements, technology has changed the way we live and interact with one another; Austin Rotter, who is a skilled executive working in Public Relations in New York, is no stranger to that fact. Across more than a decade of working in the industry, Austin has seen the ways that branding, media strategy, and public relations have gone from important to imperative when it comes to maintaining your personal or professional brand online and in the public eye. He has grown increasingly more informed and knowledgeable about the ever-changing landscape of public relations in order to provide his clients with the best possible strategies and solutions. 

Since his career began in 2010, Austin has been building skills and expertise in the public relations industry, offering media relations and media strategy to hyper-growth tech companies, promising startups, and Fortune 1000 brands for more than eleven years. Throughout that time, Austin has worked with more clients than he can name, helping businesses and brands define themselves online and manage their reputations. He has demonstrated his particular insight, ability, and skills time and time again, earning the trust of his clients and building a solid reputation for himself within the industry. 

Alongside his fulfilling public relations career, Austin Rotter enjoys a robust personal life at home in his community in Hoboken, New Jersey. Here, there’s nothing he enjoys more than spending time with his family. Austin lives with his wonderful wife – to whom he’s been married for more than four years – their dog and their precious baby girl. They are active members of their community who love to enjoy the food, sights, and culture of their home. In his personal life, Austin is focused on personal growth, looking for areas in which he can improve as an individual and as a member of his community. 

Austin is also a fan of watching sports – competition is always exciting and, as someone whose life is spent largely in New York, he is a particular fan of sports teams based in the Big Apple. He cheers for the Mets during baseball season, the Jets during football season, the Knicks during basketball season, and the Rangers whenever ice hockey is being played. 

Learn more about technology, the latest advancements, and the way it’s impacting our daily lives in ever-increasing ways, be sure to visit Austin Rotter’s technology blog or visit his professional overview site for more information!

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