Emerging technology plays a decisive role in an organization’s innovations, customer experience, and overall success in today’s transformative business environment. The advent of emerging tech is recasting all industries and requires leaders to embrace new capabilities to turn new tech into a unique competitive advantage. Here are three emerging technologies that will shape the business industry:

Quantum Technologies

Quantum-powered solutions exploit the distinct properties of subatomic particles to help us solve seemingly intractable problems using physics over mathematics. Quantum represents as giant a leap over digital as digital was over analog.

Quantum’s appeal to techies is clear, but business leaders must consider its potential to deliver unique competitive advantages against other business needs. Its spoils will first accrue to those who figure out in advance which problems they need quantum to point out and solve.

Exponential Intelligence

Currently, AI-powered businesses have used machine intelligence to make decisions that augment or automate human reasoning.

The emergence of next-generation intelligence will increasingly access human behavioral data at scale to better comprehend and articulate human emotion and intent. This will allow us to enter an era of “affective” or “emotional” Artificial Intelligence.

For employees in customer service, caregivers, sales representatives, and even stage actors, the business cases for these creative machines are compelling. But leaders must recognize the importance of implementing responsible AI practices to reduce any risk of tacit and explicit bias in the training data, models, and resulting systems. 

Ambient Experience

Ambient experience envisions a future beyond the glass when our interaction with the digital environment takes place less through screens than through intuitive, out-of-the-way affordances that more naturally meet our needs. These ambient experiences could drive simplicity, reducing friction in the user experience. 

As technology develops, a voice, gesture, or glance could signal intent and initiate an exchange of business-critical information. Tomorrow’s digital concierges could handle complex routines in smart homes and cities without the need for any logins or other traditional steps for activation or optimization.

The importance of technology in business cannot be overlooked. Companies worldwide rely on emerging technologies to help improve their competitive advantage, drive strategy and increase growth. As technology continues to emerge and transform, your business will have an opportunity to reach greater levels of success.